‘Based out of New Delhi, Casa Pop is an Artistic Living brand that exists outside paradigms, driven by the authentic exploration of art and design’s convergence. We are about celebration and introspection depicting Indian narratives that go beyond the romanticized’

Raseel Gujral Ansal was born in 1965, to legendary artist, architect, sculptor and Padma Vibhushan awardee Satish Gujral.
Raseel began a more formal journey into design at the age of 23, when she began working under her brother at her father’s architectural firm. In 1993 Raseel left her father’s firm to start her own furniture studio called ‘Casa Paradox. Casa Paradox was Raseel’s take on objects for the home infused with the essence of art, art that she had been exposed to all her life. Casa Paradox eventually expanded, adding architecture to its list of services.from which ‘RGA Design’ was born. In 2013 Raseel founded ‘Casa Pop’ as a pret diffusion line to Casa Paradox, It was colourful, eclectic and quirky, and a manifestation of Raseel’s desire to have fun with design. Today, Casa Pop has evolved into something very different from its origin, assuming the role of Raseel’s desire to explore the Indian identity through the intersection of art and design.